When looking for a brand designing exquisite jewelry in a clean true Scandinavian spirit, with a unique and cool edge, born from a company focusing on making the world a bit better, EMMA ISRAELSSON Stockholm is the brand to go to.

Born in Stockholm and with a touch of Los Angeles, the Swedish brand quickly entered the fashion market when it launched in 2013. Offering sustainable and lasting jewelry, always on-trend, and with a signature piece and bestseller representing a Peace Dove, the collections have been must-haves for many.

Charity and a sustainable production line have been cornerstones for the company since its start. Today EMMA ISRAELSSON Stockholm has an ongoing charity partnership with Nobel Peace prize winner Dennis Mukwege’s hospital Panzi through the organization PMU, as well as with H.R.H. Princess Sofia´s organization Project Playground, alongside several other organizations. In the early days of the company, founder and creative director Emma Israelsson decided it would focus on the joy of designing and styling while aiming for a higher cause.

Emma designed her first collection while living in California - PS23. A collection based on the encouraging Psalm nr 23 in the Bible, written by the young shepherd, and later King David. ”A beautiful and powerful verse exhaled from God, promising us protection and blessings. Something many can relate to no matter what their beliefs are” says Emma.

After the much appreciated PS23 collection, Emma launched her Peace Dove. The Dove is still today the bestselling piece out of all the collections, and as the Dove collection grows, so do the number of pieces and the requests for them.

Jewelry is often a beautiful storyteller or message carrier and could be the start of an interesting and personal conversation. When we live in times like the one we are experiencing right now, the Peace Dove is a beautiful reminder of the desire and hope for peace, not just in the world, but also in people's hearts. An unconditional love across all borders and beliefs.”